Thursday, 27 August 2009

Greetings from Porthallow

Hello Everyone,

Apologies again for the lack of blogs since the last. I am officially a complete arse when it comes to blogging!!


I'm at Porthallow and officially half-way the South West Coast Path!! So, I've done 315 miles... phew! Time for a minor celebration me thinks. Although overall it was great approaching and going round Lands End, I did have some mixed feelings. Some of the coastline from Cape Cornwall to Porthcurno was the best yet. But, Lands End as a place was a bit of a disappointment. I also felt like I was going to miss the North Coast. Through all the many ups and downs I had experienced (mainly ups I must say), I felt very attached to the North Coast, rugged high cliffs, the Atlantic swell, the beautiful coves and the people I met. I had my photo taken with Little George though, although someone at the time did think that Little George looked like a girl!!

It was great to hook-up with Neil & Anna Osborne and young Thomas & Emma at St.Ives. We all had lunch and ice-cream but Anna & I had ours stolen for our grasp by swooping seagulls! I've never experienced 'attacking' seagulls before. They are really very canny and I've got to say highly skilled... albeit also quite aggressive. Next time though.....!

I'm off to Falmouth tomorrow. It's quite a long hop but looking forward to it. Still hoping to see some basking sharks.

Thanks again for the communications and encouragement. Some are really funny and make me laugh a lot. Keep them coming please.

Take care and have a good day. Will post again soon.



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