Thursday, 30 July 2009

Day 6 - Walking from Coombe Martin - Putsborough

Hello Again everyone,

Sorry the updates are so random, the coverage down here is very sketchy and so I've not been able to get onto the internet as easily or regularly as I'd have liked!

So, so far I'm managing to walk all the distances, I've averaged about 12 - 13 miles a day so far. The weather has been really awful which has put a bit of a downer on my spirits at times! Saying that, all your support and motivation will keep me going and I am going to finish this challenge!

I had a rest yesterday in Coombe Martin, which was great. I stayed at a brilliant B&B, where they offered to wash some of my clothes (maybe that was a hint!) fed me a fantastic breakfast and gave me lots of hot tea! I've managed to hurt my achillies tendon, so I needed to rest that, but today will be walking 16 miles to Putsborough so hopefully it'll bear up!

I've met some really lovely and interesting people now who were walking to St. Ives, they were from Norway, Holland and Bournemouth! They gave me some good tips on making the distance - including telling me I was crazy to be carrying so much weight in my rucksack!! The weight is what is making the walking that much harder. There are lots of hills & valleys too, which makes things all a little more difficult! The scenery is gorgeous though - varies every time you go round a headland. If you're feeling tired, you've just got to look around, watch the sea & somehow it doesn't feel so bad. Apparently though the south coast is easier, so I hope I'm still in good form for that!

I'm still eating well, I've got chocolate for quick releases of energy, and I'm snacking regularly throughout the day. I'm not stopping to sit down for lunch or breaks really, so am impressed with my stamina so far!

Well, I'd best be off, 16 miles is a long stretch, so I've got to get started! I think the weather is going to be better today, so hopefully it'll be a bit easier!

I've got some pictures for you all to see, and will try to update them soon!

Will post again later,

P.S. If you now feel that I deserve the all important sponsorship for my research, do please visit to sponsor me online! I need the encouragement right now if I'm honest!

Thanks again to everyone for your kind and generous donations, you have no idea how much it means to me!


Monday, 27 July 2009

My First Weekend A Rambling - 21miles down!


I'm now 3 days into my training, and boy I realise now I need it! I knew my ramble would be hard work, but never thought it would be THIS much hard work! There is also a distint lack of mobile phone coverage along the path, so I'm sorry if I don't keep you as informed as I want to!

I have now walked from Minehead, via Porlock Weir and am currently having a rest stop in Lynmouth! I've walked just over 21 miles in total now.

Yesterday was VERY hard work! I walked from Porlock Weir to Lynmouth (12.3 miles/19.8km) It took me 9 hours and I didn't see a soul the entire time I was walking! The rain was relentless, and I was soaking for the entire leg! Each corner I turned there seemed to be another hill, each one bigger than the last, and it was really difficult to keep going and maintain any levels of motivation!

It was the first time I'd walked with the full weight of my bag on my back, and obviously with that being wet too it made it even more difficult! I didn't realise just how heavy all my stuff would be.

Other than the rain though everything is going well so far! My legs are now aching and I seemed to have hurt my achillies tendon this morning, but it's nothing too serious at the moment. Having said that, does anyone know any chiropractors close to me that could possibly come to help me out if necessary?!

I hope I reach that £10,000 target - that might help this be a lot more worthwhile! If you feel sorry for me, please sponsor me -

Thank you!!

If you want to see where I am on my map, just visit here: I'll try to update my location daily.

Tomorrow I'll be walking from Lynmouth to Ilfracombe which is another 18miles (30km!) I'm not sure I'll make it that far! I might have to pitch my tent along the way to rest for a bit!

Thanks in advance for all you sponsorship/encouragement! It looks as though I'm really going to need it!

George :-)

Friday, 24 July 2009

Argh - It's all a go!

Argh it's all really happening now! No backing out!

I'm off to start my ramble from Minehead tomorrow! I'll be walking all along the top coast of the South West 'leg' of the UK!

My first day is 10 miles to be walked between Minehead and Porlock Weir! Apart from Exmoor National Park, there doesn't appear to be very much along the route, but I'll keep you informed if I see anything interesting!

I'll also be uploading my location to my google map, which can be found on Google here:

Technology is so fabulous, I'll be able to upload my exact location to the map each day - so you really can follow me along the entire route! (As well as seeing how far this really is!)

I'll try to upload as many pictures to my blog so you can really enjoy the route with me!

Thanks to everyone for your ever-continuing support!

George :-)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

RSS Feeds

Hi Again,

Just to let you know - to make it easier to follow my blog you can add an RSS Feed to your site and you will automatically be told when I've updated my blog with more information or news or anything! (Hopefully you'll find what I write interesting!)

Just click on the orange RSS feed button on your browser (generally somewhere on the top right) and you'll get all the latest news, hot off the press!

George :-)

Welcome to Rix's Rambling On...

It's only 3 days now until I leave for the unofficial start of my summer ramble! To warm up for my 620km walk from Land's End to Parkwood Road, I have decided to start at Minhead and do the ENTIRE South West Coast Path.

This was a challenge I couldn't stay away from, I felt I had the opportunity to undertake the walk, and I should sieze that with both hands!

I hope the weather isn't torrential rain for the next 8 weeks though! I'll be walking along some of the most stunning coastline in the UK, so good weather will be a real bonus!

As you're all hopefully aware, I am doing the walk in the hope of raising money for chiropractic related clinical research in the field of neurology and clinical neuroscience. I want to undertake the research at the AECC and really try to help move this area of the profession forwards. We want the research to be taken seriously, and with your help towards the funding, I am sure it will be!

Remember - visit to sponsor me online.

I'm actually doing this now... no time left to get nervous! All the preparation and hard work will hopefully make sure I achieve this challenge completely in-tact!

Thanks in advance for all your donations and support!