Friday, 24 July 2009

Argh - It's all a go!

Argh it's all really happening now! No backing out!

I'm off to start my ramble from Minehead tomorrow! I'll be walking all along the top coast of the South West 'leg' of the UK!

My first day is 10 miles to be walked between Minehead and Porlock Weir! Apart from Exmoor National Park, there doesn't appear to be very much along the route, but I'll keep you informed if I see anything interesting!

I'll also be uploading my location to my google map, which can be found on Google here:

Technology is so fabulous, I'll be able to upload my exact location to the map each day - so you really can follow me along the entire route! (As well as seeing how far this really is!)

I'll try to upload as many pictures to my blog so you can really enjoy the route with me!

Thanks to everyone for your ever-continuing support!

George :-)


  1. Good luck George ~ at least the weather looks sunny for your first day! Rosemary

  2. Go George! Enjoy the adventure!!

    From Sacha

  3. Just to say we took George up for the 1st stage of his 'training walk' - yes he is not ONLY doing Landsend to Bournemouth, he actually just started from Minehead to do the whole SW coast path yesterday!! Dropped off in Minehead yesterday in fine fettle - met him at the 1st campsite last night for Somerset cider around a campfire - to be woken by a persistent downpour this morning!!! So set off with a huge backpack with a wet and muddy tent - nice. Anna, Neil and the kids were just as muddy - but are now at home and warm!! George - we wish you well and are planning which of the many 'next legs' we can meet you at for more cider!!! Love from the Osbornes xxxx