Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Welcome to Rix's Rambling On...

It's only 3 days now until I leave for the unofficial start of my summer ramble! To warm up for my 620km walk from Land's End to Parkwood Road, I have decided to start at Minhead and do the ENTIRE South West Coast Path.

This was a challenge I couldn't stay away from, I felt I had the opportunity to undertake the walk, and I should sieze that with both hands!

I hope the weather isn't torrential rain for the next 8 weeks though! I'll be walking along some of the most stunning coastline in the UK, so good weather will be a real bonus!

As you're all hopefully aware, I am doing the walk in the hope of raising money for chiropractic related clinical research in the field of neurology and clinical neuroscience. I want to undertake the research at the AECC and really try to help move this area of the profession forwards. We want the research to be taken seriously, and with your help towards the funding, I am sure it will be!

Remember - visit www.justgiving.com/georgerix to sponsor me online.

I'm actually doing this now... no time left to get nervous! All the preparation and hard work will hopefully make sure I achieve this challenge completely in-tact!

Thanks in advance for all your donations and support!

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