Monday, 7 September 2009

Portwrinkle to Plymouth

Hi everyone,

Tonight I've reached Portwrinkle coming from Polperro. I've now done 396 of the total 630 miles....... not that I'm counting or anything!!! On my way to Plymouth tomorrow. May be crossing what is described in the walking book as an 'interesting walk' through the MoDs Tregantle range!! Better keep my head down!

Todays leg (I'm wearing a different one from yesterday:-)) was good. It seemed to pass quite quickly. Weather was really changeable though with lots of short showers - most of the time you can see them coming in over the sea, that's if you look over your shoulder regularly!

Although I'm still loving the challenge & experience, yesterday (Weds) was a rotten day, in fact the worst since the second leg I did from Porlock Weir to Lynmouth/Lynton. It felt like a real test which I was surprised to get nearly six weeks into things. I was feeling tired & a bit grumpy at the start anyway but it was the weather ..... gusting, strong wind & almost horizontal heavy rain coming at me from the side.

It was raining so hard it actually stung my face. The paths were totally waterlogged & very slippery. By the time I got to the Ferry at Fowey, I was soaked through & cold. Although my boots are great, after 3 or so hours of deep puddles & the rain, my feet were also sodden - it was like walking on wet sponges. I then discovered that I had left the zippers on the sides of my trousers & the pit zips on my jacket open!!

I'd also forgotten to pack extra dry socks for this leg - what a complete arse!! At this time, I had pretty much lost the perspective, focus and enjoynent of the journey. Added to which, the next stretch was supposed to be the toughest on the South Coast!! It took about 4 hours but as I got toward Polperro the whole day changed for me. When you approach Polperro along the coast path from the West, it is completely hidden from view until you are virtually on top of it. As you round the rocks at the top of the cliff above the entry to the Harbour this fabulous place comes into view below & to your left.

Actually, the first I knew that Polperro was just ahead was when I saw a fishing boat emerging directly into the rough sea from behind the next cliff. It was such a gorgeous place with any amazing entrance from the path that my mood changed dramatically - this was what the coast path walking was all about:-)

Since Porthallow, the coastline has generally got more rugged, with more ups & downs & although not as dramatic as the North coastline it is still very attractive. There are lots of fabulous coves & historical points. When the sky is clear, some of the views along the length of the coastline are amazing. I've still been looking out for basking sharks but haven't seen anything. I don't think I'll see them now this far up the coast.

Still meeting lots of interesting people & some local real characters - they seem to really like walkers. They like to have a laugh & tease a bit but its great fun. l met a lady on the stretch from Mevagissey to Charlestown that I met on the leg from Hartland Quay to Bude in my second week on the north Coast - she was walking with her husband then. They live nearby in St Austell. I didn't actually recognize her which was a bit embarrasing but she remembered me & said she'd been following everything on the Internet - she even said she'd sponsor me!!

I've got lots more to tell you about. Hopefully, I can squeeze some more into future blogs.

Well ...... I'd better turn in now. Will post again soon. Have a good day tomorrow


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